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Decide what to eat with a quick shuffle.

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Meal plan with a simple shuffle or by playing your favorite card game. Choose a meal just for tonight or create a balanced meal plan with zero effort. Each suit represents a different food category.

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Organized grocery lists already made for you.

Each card contains an ingredient list organized by common supermarket departments, like meat & fish, dairy, baking goods, frozen and more. It feels great having your shopping list already made for you, one less thing to worry about.

Online Cooking Guides.jpg

Easy cooking guides for everyone.

Every recipe has its own easy to follow step-by-step cooking guide. Use your phone or tablet's camera to scan the QR code on the card or type in the web address. Then follow the simple online recipe walkthrough. 

Delicious Recipes.jpg

Delicious recipes
every shuffle.

Food is a wonderful way to bring loved ones together, it nourishes and comforts us. With 52 delicious recipes, you have a winning meal every time. 

A whole suit of veggie and vegan recipes.

The Spades suit contains 13 vegetarian and vegan recipes. Great for balancing meal plans. Perfect for when you have a vegetarian or vegan friend coming over for dinner.

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Meal planning can save time, money and help to reduce food waste.

52 quality playing cards. Great for playing games with friends and family.

A cheeky night off from cooking.

Everyone fancies a break from cooking every once in a while. Shuffle in the jokers for a chance of a wildcard. One represents eating out, the other a takeout.

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Nutritional info, servings, and cooking times. On every card.

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Get a deck of Meal Cards.

Make life easier and take the stress away from meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. 

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